Modeling Star Trek: The Next Generation Corridor

For fun, I created a model in Blender of a random corridor in the USS Enterprise NCC-1701D from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

3D render of a corridor from Star Trek: The Next Generation
Rendered in Cycles at 512 samples per pixel. Render time: 8:30 minutes.

I found some reference images on Google, but I mainly used this one for most of my work.

I applied some basic shaders to each of the objects to get a pretty close approximation of the material, but I did not spend too much time on getting them exactly right. The only texture image I used is a mask for the two colors on the floor. I quickly created it by using the texture paint feature in Blender and then I used Photoshop to sharpen up the image a little.

All of the lights in the scene are actually just geometry with different Emission shaders applied. I did not need any extra lamps for this render.

For fun, I created a separate copy and played with the lighting to get a drastically different look. This is the exact same model, but the Emission shaders have been adjusted, plus I added a couple lamps. I also adjusted the camera position and angle to better match the lighting effect.

Let me know what you think!