Corridor Digital’s New Anime Workflow

Corridor Digital released a new original short yesterday, Anime Rock, Paper, Scissors. Unlike their previous “anime” shorts, which were actually live-action but directed and produced in an anime visual style, this latest release actually looks like an animated production.

And what is even more surprising is that the entire short was completed in only a few months with a small production team. They were able to accomplish this by leveraging new AI image tools to convert live action footage into their desired anime style.

They first showcased a similar test project back in November, when they released the short “Spider-Man: Everyone’s Home”. They explained some of the technology behind their tests in the corresponding behind-the-scenes video on the Corridor Crew channel, which primarily used Stable Diffusion to convert the character footage to the Spiderverse animation style.

They have refined and improved the process for the new short, creating a pipeline that tries to smooth out the flicker and jumpiness when trying to use Stable Diffusion on video frames. They cover an overview of the process on another behind-the-scenes video.

But this time around, they also released a full hour-long tutorial on how set up the software to create your own anime. The full tutorial is only available on, which requires a subscription. Or you could join and take advantage of the free trial period, to view the tutorial.

But at $4/month (or $40/year if you pay annually), I consider it to be my most entertaining streaming subscription, with new content coming out every week!

Note: I am not affiliated with Corridor Digital and do not make any money from my recommendation. I just enjoy their content.