Anime vs. Hollywood Analysis

The founders of the Corridor Digital studio created an interesting video on their Corridor Crew YouTube channel (their second, behind-the-scenes channel) discussing the differences between anime and Hollywood live-action adaptations. They cover the reasons that anime succeeds at visual storytelling, and how the Hollywood versions succeed or (more often) fail with those same principles.

They specifically discuss Cowbob Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Death Note, and even some quick mentions of The Matrix!

As mentioned in the video, this discussion was spurred by their current production, a new “live-action anime” short. They have a few previous shorts with that same concept: Anime Baseball, Anime Fidget Spinners, and Anime Self Driving Cars.

But the new, in-production short they are creating will use a brand new pipeline: after filming the live-action scenes on a green-screen, they will run the footage through some AI image tools (for example, Stable Diffusion) to end up with a final anime style.

I enjoyed the discussion and am looking forward to the new short!