Make a Dice Tray For Under $10!

Do your dice keep rolling off your table? You need a dice tray! Watch to see how you can make one for less than $10 of materials!

To make your own dice tray, you will need the following materials:

  • Quarter-inch by 6-inch hobby board, at least 18 inches long (I bought a poplar board at my local big box store)
  • Peel and stick felt lining (I bought a sheet at my local hobby store, but you can also buy a 10-pack from Amazon)
  • Glossy spray paint (I used black)

You’ll also need some tools:

  • A miter saw or other way to make simple, straight cuts
  • A router and a straight bit, to add a small grooves to the side pieces
  • Clamps to hold the tray together after gluing the pieces together

Let me know if you make your own!

Fixing My Garbage Can With 3D PRINTING

My garbage can has a design flaw — and I used 3D printing to fix it!

Watch as I model, print, and install spacers to the bottom of my garbage can to prevent it from tilting and scratching up my wall.


Finishing the Firefly 3D Printed Prop Pistol

Remember when I 3D printed the pistol from Firefly? I finally revisited that project and finished the 3D printed pieces, turning the plastic-looking parts into a fully assembled, realistic looking replica of Malcolm Reynold’s pistol!

Watch the video to learn how I transformed 3D printed parts into my first replica prop gun!


I spent a lot of time on this project sanding the 3D parts smooth. I found the best way was to start with 80 grit sandpaper to get rid of all the print lines. Then I moved up to 180 grit to refine the finish. And finally, I moved to 240 grit or even 400 grit to really smooth out the surface. Continue reading “Finishing the Firefly 3D Printed Prop Pistol”

Should You Get a 3D Printer?

This is the last of my three-part series introducting 3D printers! Learn how other people are using 3D printers and whether you should buy one for yourself!

Building a Simple Teleprompter

Learn how I built this simple and inexpensive teleprompter from plywood, oak, and glass!

When I make YouTube videos, I spend a lot of time memorizing what I’m going to say, recording a lot of takes where I screw up what I’m going to say, and then even more time going through all those recordings to find the good takes.

So, to help cut down on the time it takes to make these videos, I built my very own teleprompter! Continue reading “Building a Simple Teleprompter”

What Is 3D Printing?

Are you curious about 3D printing? Watch my latest video to learn the basics of how 3D printers work, and at the end of the video I will tell you how you can start experimenting with 3D printing without even owning a 3D printer!

3D Modeling Software

As I mentioned in the video, there are several powerful 3D modeling programs that are available for free or with a free license for hobbyists and makers. Here is a quick summary of some of the most popular free 3D modeling programs: Continue reading “What Is 3D Printing?”

Making a Valet Box for about $30

In my latest video, I make a valet box (essentially a jewelry box for men) using oak hobby boards, wood stain, and spray lacquer.

To make the valet box, I used my newest tool: a compound miter saw! I bought an inexpensive model but it works great at making accurate cuts, which was essential for this project.

And once it was assembled, I used dark cherry wood stain to improve the look of the box. And to finish and protect the valet box, I used spray lacquer.

Watch the video to how I made it!

Learn Fusion 360 by Making a Webcam Cover

Learn more about Fusion 360 in my latest video, where I teach you how to make a webcam cover.

Building on my previous Fusion 360 tutorial, I will teach you how to use symmetry and mirroring, extrude from existing faces, and the basics of the Loft tool.

Although the exact dimensions I use in the video are specific to the brand and model of webcam that I use, you can easily use the techniques to make your own custom webcam cover for your own webcam.