Make a Dice Tray For Under $10!

Do your dice keep rolling off your table? You need a dice tray! Watch to see how you can make one for less than $10 of materials!

To make your own dice tray, you will need the following materials:

  • Quarter-inch by 6-inch hobby board, at least 18 inches long (I bought a poplar board at my local big box store)
  • Peel and stick felt lining (I bought a sheet at my local hobby store, but you can also buy a 10-pack from Amazon)
  • Glossy spray paint (I used black)

You’ll also need some tools:

  • A miter saw or other way to make simple, straight cuts
  • A router and a straight bit, to add a small grooves to the side pieces
  • Clamps to hold the tray together after gluing the pieces together

Let me know if you make your own!