LightWave 2015

I have been using LightWave 3D for about nine years and I have been extremely lucky that I have only purchased software once during that entire time. I originally bought it at version 8.5 and it came with a free upgrade to the as-yet-unreleased version 9.0. I have continued to use the 9.X versions ever since and I have not felt the need to upgrade.

But I am in the middle of putting together a new computer (more details here) and I was hoping to buy the latest version of LightWave 3D to go with my shiny new hardware. But the upgrade sale price has not been available for a few months, and I do not want to pay the full upgrade price when I know that Newtek likes to frequently offer $200 discounts. I was hoping that with Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, Newtek would put LightWave 3D back on sale.

And then I received an email yesterday from Newtek announcing that the latest version of LightWave has just been released, named “LightWave 2015”. And to celebrate the release of the new software version, the software is on sale again.

I am still waiting for one more component before I can finish building my computer (expected arrival date: tomorrow), but once I have my new system fully up and running I plan on buying my first LightWave 3D upgrade. If all goes according to plan, I will be running LightWave 2015 by the end of the weekend!