Building New Habits Using a Homemade Push Button

In my latest video, I built a spring-loaded push button that I will use to build new good habits for myself:

Building Habits

Research shows that habits are best formed when you follow this formula: A cue reminds you to perform a routine, after which you receive a reward that helps make the habit stick. If you want to learn more about the cue-routine-reward loop and a ton of other great information about building/breaking habits, I highly recommend the book, The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg.

In my case, I want to build a new habit of meditating daily. I have tried many times before to make it a habit, but eventually I fall off the wagon and start skipping days, weeks, or even longer.

How a Push Button Can Help

I like to push buttons and visually see that a task is completed. So, by putting this button on my kitchen table, which I walk by many times throughout the day, it will serve as both the cue and the reward.  Seeing the unpressed button will remind me to meditate. And once I meditate, I’ll push the button to complete the task for the day.

Building the Button

I modeled the button in Fusion 360 and printed most of the pieces on my 3D printer. I also used a small metal rod for the pivot and a small spring for the latch.

Check the video for more details about how I designed and built the button.