New Kaze Productions

I stumbled on some announcements from last year that a new series is being produced in the same world as Kaze: Ghost Warrior, the independent pilot episode created entirely by Timothy Albee using LightWave 3D. The producers are also creating a separate sci-fi series using LightWave, too. However, it looks like they plan on releasing both series as Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality shows (presumably on Oculus Rift headsets). I assume that the episodes will be available in a non VR/AR method, but the press releases are not clear on that point.

Dalton Industries, the producers, seem to be betting pretty hard on VR/AR acceptance. They have also announced virtual toy lines for both series that will be sold to users of VR/AR systems. The prices seem steep to me; how many people will pay $20-$50 for virtual toys that can only be seen in a virtual headset?

As an aside — the creator of Kaze is now credited as Amadhia Albee, after she publicly changed her name and gender identity in 2009. Whatever name she wants to go by, she has some of the best LightWave animation books, which can quickly get anyone ramped up in any aspect of creating a film using the software. So I hope that the Kaze episodes get released to the general public and I can view them without needing a VR/AR headset.

  • Amadhia Albee

    Thanks so much for the article on the upcoming Kaze: Ghost Warrior series from Dalton Industries!

    Yes, in addition to being released as Virtual and Augmented -Reality episodes, I’ve been told that the episodes will also be rendered in 1080p, 2K and 4K resolutions.

    The “Virtual Toy Line” (characters and playsets), from what I’ve been told, are going to be similar to DAZ/Poser models… so aspiring CGI filmmakers can create their own stories with the same models as seen in the series.

    Separate from Dalton’s upcoming Ghost Warrior series, I’m producing a fan-supported “Radio Drama” that tells the backstory of the events leading-up-to “Kaze: Ghost Warrior”. ( — “Kaze: Winds of Change”).

    Thanks again, and all the best!
    Amadhia Albee

    • Thanks for reading and for the clarification! That is great that the episodes will be available in HD and higher resolutions.

      The virtual toy lines make a lot more sense now. Assuming the models will work with DAZ/Poser (or maybe LightWave?), then that price range seems reasonable.

      I just watched the first episode of “Winds of Change” — I look forward to more!

  • Cool news – I’m definitely excited to see some new episodes of Kaze! It’s been a while, perhaps it’s time to rewatch the original short.

  • Kelly Myers

    Hi there! Kat here!
    Just some clarification regarding the action figures and playsets. Our goal is to make them as universally compatible with just about any mobile (ie cell phone) device and headset out there now and coming down the pipe (think HoloLens) as well as attached devices like the Rift for PC/Mac, etc. We recently picked up the Samsung GearVR kit for the Galaxy Note4 and have been testing with this unit as well as the Rift. The base price for the action figures and playsets have not been finalized.
    We want people to be able to enjoy the series and the toys using whatever device they choose. Obviously to hit these many targets for platforms is a daunting challenge.
    In most cases, the technology for what we want to do with the toys is here today, but in some instances thing are not quite there yet, but will be very quickly.
    Our immediate goals are to get the shows done (Kaze: Ghostwarrior and Stasys) out there as soon as possible with the toys complimenting the release of each episode.

    • Thanks for the update, Kat. I originally stumbled on the Kaze news while looking for more information on Stasys after reading an article in the LightWave newsletter ( ), so I appreciate you taking the time to give us the latest information.

      As a side note, the site was down when I originally looked for more information about the show and it looks like it hasn’t been fixed yet (I get a “500 Internal Server Error” when I visit the page). I hope someone is working on fixing your site, because it would be great to see more details about the show!