Building a Chest of Drawers

A long, long time ago, I posted that I bought some materials to build something new. Finally, after more than a year, I finished that project: a chest of drawers built from scratch!

This is the first piece of fine woodworking I’ve done, and I am very proud of the finished result!

As I mentioned in the original post, I started with red oak plywood and boards. The vertical posts in the corners and between each column of drawers is solid wood; so are the drawer fronts, the trim, and the border around the top of the chest. The rest is plywood, although I tried to hide all of the edges of the plywood.

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Building Again

I finally have some free time again to spend on fun personal projects! I decided to try something a little more ambitious with woodworking, and I just bought all the wood I need.

Red oak plywood and boards.

The lumber yard pre-cut the larger pieces for me, so I could easily fit it all into my car. But since I was not sure of the exact final dimensions, I will still need to trim many of the pieces to an exact size before I can put anything together.

I have already started working this project, and I’m enjoying using my tools again! Stay tuned for updates on what I’m making!