Toonami Remastered Promos

Adult Swim celebrated the 25th anniversary of Toonami, which first premiered on March 17, 1997. As part of their celebration, they re-released a few of their old-school videos and uploaded them to their official YouTube channel.

Watching this remastered commercial for Gundam Wing stirs up some serious nostalgia!

And for fun they also re-released a bunch of original promos, such as one of my favorites, Mad Rhetoric:

The promos and trailers Toonami created in that era were works of art, and it’s great to see them again! They also re-released the Space Is The Place and Advanced Robotics promos, which include some great edits from Dragon Ball Z, Outlaw Star, Gundam Wing, and Big O, among other shows.

One other re-released promo worth a special mention is Broken Promise (Dreams), which I embedded below. Aside from being another fantastic creation, Toonami released a sequel in 2016, titled Dreams, which continued the theme of the original. I could not find the new Dreams on Adult Swim’s YouTube channel, but another user has the video so I embedded that version, too.

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