“Mr. Show” Reunion

mr-show-logoThis information is not new, but somehow I just discovered that the cast of Mr. Show with Bob and David will be starring in a new sketch comedy show on Netflix, named With Bob and David. The series will only have four half-hour episodes and an hour-long making-of special, but most of the original cast will be part of the series. It is expected to come out either later this year or early 2016.

In related (and much older) news: I stumbled on the above amazing information after noticing that the credits of one of the Mr. Show episodes lists Dino Stamatopoulos as a writer. I have mentioned Dino before (he is from Chicago, created multiple animated shows, written on various shows including Late Night with Conan O’Brien and MadTV, and plays the character “Starburns” on Community). But somehow I never learned that he has also written on some of the Mr. Show episodes, which I’ve been a fan of since the original run on HBO. For those that know the Mr. Show episodes — he is also one of the dancers in the “Jeepers Creepers” musical sketch.

As if he hasn’t already done enough cool projects, Dino will also be part of the new With Bob and David show.