Improve Your Grammar with Weird Al

To promote his brand new record, Weird Al has created eight music videos and is releasing a new one each day. You can view the new videos as they are released at his website, (four have been released so far).

In Tuesday’s video he parodies “Blurred Lines”, a song I find extremely annoying and repetitive but with a music video I cannot help but enjoy (warning: NSFW). Weird Al’s version, “Word Crimes”, is a huge upgrade to the original song. Pay attention to the video and you might learn a little about good grammar!

Another great video is “Foil”, a parody of Lorde’s “Royal”. This one was created with and features Patton Oswalt!

“Tacky”, his first video of the week, was produced by Nerdist and is one long continuous camera shot. Unfortunately, it is another piece of otherwise solid comedy that was fatally tainted by the addition of Kristen Schaal.  You have been warned.