Homemade 3D Scanner Turntable

In my latest project, my goal was to build a motorized turntable that I could use with 3D scanning software to scan a small object into a 3D model. My initial plan was to use my Xbox 360 Kinect sensor and Reconstruct.me, but I eventually realized that the Kinect scanner is not designed for small objects. In the final design, I used my homemade motorized turntable, my camera, and Autodesk Remake to convert the still images into a 3D model.

Watch my YouTube video for the full details:

If you want to build your own, you will need the following materials: Continue reading “Homemade 3D Scanner Turntable”

Modeling and Printing a Brain Slug from Futurama

Now that I’m feeling more comfortable with my 3D printer and I even designed some of my own files to print using Autodesk Fusion 360, I decided to try something a little more challenging: modeling and printing something more organic looking.

Fortunately, my wife gave me a Wacom Intuos 3D tablet for Christmas, which comes with ZBrushCore. ZBrushCore provides some of the same functionality as the powerful ZBrush modeling program that lets you sculpt your object, in a manner similar to modeling clay in the real world. This kind of modeling is perfect if you’re making something that is supposed to look organic. Continue reading “Modeling and Printing a Brain Slug from Futurama”

3D Printing Malcolm Reynolds’ Pistol from Firefly

(Looking for the STL files? Jump to the bottom of the post for the direct download link.)

I have been enjoying my new 3D printer, but I grew bored of printing 3D models I downloaded from the Internet. So I decided to create my own!

3D printed prop of Malcolm Reynolds' pistol from Firefly (Moses Brother Self-Defense Engine). Click to view full-size image.
3D printed prop of Malcolm Reynolds’ pistol from Firefly (Moses Brother Self-Defense Engine). Click to view full-size image.

Luckily, Bill Doran from the YouTube channel “Punished Props” recently released a video that shows how to make Malcolm Reynolds’ pistol from the TV series Firefly. And he graciously gave away the 2D template files to his viewers and encouraged us to make our own version.

So I decided that this was an excellent opportunity to create my own 3D models and try out Fusion 360 for the first time. I installed Fusion 360 a few months ago, but I haven’t had a reason to use it yet. Watch the video below to see how I made it!

And if you want to print your own version, you can download my STL files. If you make your own version, post a comment here or on my YouTube video so I can see how it looks!


YouTube – 3 Tips for the Prusa i3 MK2

I decided to try something completely new recently: I created a YouTube channel! So far, I have a few videos showing my new foray into the maker movement. My latest video, which was just released, gives tips for anyone new to 3D printing or with a new Prusa i3 MK2.

I recently received my new Prusa 3D printer, which is the first 3D printer I have ever owned! With my history with 3D modeling, animation, and electronics, I thought this was a great next step. And it has been a lot of fun!

But the first few days with my new 3D printer were a bit troublesome, because I ran into some basic problems that were caused by a lack of knowledge. So I wanted to share some of what I learned, in the hopes that it saves other people time and frustration with their 3D printers.

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