Iron Giant Lego Set


There is a proposal for a new Lego set for The Iron Giant, which already has over 5000 supporters. If it gets enough supporters and is approved by Lego, you could buy a Lego set that includes:

  • Iron Giant, with changeable eyes, weaponry, and an attachable S chest plate
  • Hogarth Hughes, with the Iron Giant’s bolt
  • Annie Hughes, with a coffee pot
  • Kent Mansley, with a fedora
  • Dean McCoppin, with a coffee cup

The entire set consists of approximately 2023 pieces. Who wouldn’t want their very own giant robot? Add your support today!

  • Done and done. I didn’t see the size of it, though. Yet again, that really wouldn’t matter to me.

    It’s cool to see the history of the campaign (when it was created and when certain milestones were reached). I’m pretty confident it will reach 10,000 supporters. I just wonder how much longer it will take. It took about a month to get nearly 6,000.

  • Mary Trusilo

    That would be amazing! My son is obsessed with the Iron Giant and we would LOVE a lego version of this character!!!