Should You Get a 3D Printer?

This is the last of my three-part series introducting 3D printers! Learn how other people are using 3D printers and whether you should buy one for yourself!

Building a Simple Teleprompter

Learn how I built this simple and inexpensive teleprompter from plywood, oak, and glass!

When I make YouTube videos, I spend a lot of time memorizing what I’m going to say, recording a lot of takes where I screw up what I’m going to say, and then even more time going through all those recordings to find the good takes.

So, to help cut down on the time it takes to make these videos, I built my very own teleprompter! Continue reading “Building a Simple Teleprompter”

What Is 3D Printing?

Are you curious about 3D printing? Watch my latest video to learn the basics of how 3D printers work, and at the end of the video I will tell you how you can start experimenting with 3D printing without even owning a 3D printer!

3D Modeling Software

As I mentioned in the video, there are several powerful 3D modeling programs that are available for free or with a free license for hobbyists and makers. Here is a quick summary of some of the most popular free 3D modeling programs: Continue reading “What Is 3D Printing?”

Making a Valet Box for about $30

In my latest video, I make a valet box (essentially a jewelry box for men) using oak hobby boards, wood stain, and spray lacquer.

To make the valet box, I used my newest tool: a compound miter saw! I bought an inexpensive model but it works great at making accurate cuts, which was essential for this project.

And once it was assembled, I used dark cherry wood stain to improve the look of the box. And to finish and protect the valet box, I used spray lacquer.

Watch the video to how I made it!

Learn Fusion 360 by Making a Webcam Cover

Learn more about Fusion 360 in my latest video, where I teach you how to make a webcam cover.

Building on my previous Fusion 360 tutorial, I will teach you how to use symmetry and mirroring, extrude from existing faces, and the basics of the Loft tool.

Although the exact dimensions I use in the video are specific to the brand and model of webcam that I use, you can easily use the techniques to make your own custom webcam cover for your own webcam.

Building a Simple Cabinet

The corner of my basement is where I store all of my networking hardware, which manages the Internet coming into my home. But that area is disorganized and wastes space that could be used for storage. So I built a cabinet of shelves out of plywood to fix those problems.

Watch the video to learn how I built the cabinet using only a circular saw, drill, impact driver, and a hammer!

Light-Up Printed Decoration with LEDs and Acrylic

I know it’s been a while since I’ve put up a new video, but life was hectic for a few weeks. But I have been working on a new project! For part of that project, I will use 3D printing, acrylic, and LEDs, so I wanted to experiment with using those materials in a smaller project. So I made a small light-up decoration using my 3D printer, acrylic, and LEDs.

Continue reading “Light-Up Printed Decoration with LEDs and Acrylic”